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Marcus Nieves

Marcus Nieves | Owner | Instructor

Marcus Nieves started dancing in 1998 while out clubbing in one of New Jersey’s hot spots at the time, “Foxes”. He was intrigued by the various turn patterns and energy that the local dancers displayed on the dance floor. That sparked his interest in Salsa and he began taking dance lessons with Kenny Lopez. In 1999 Marcus was approached by Luis Zegarra to take part in his dance company “Fuerza Latina.” There he gained most of his experience as a salsero, performing in many events around the tri-state area, which provided him the exposure he needed to be recognized in the dance scene. In 2000, Marcus began dancing under Nelson Flores and his dance team “Descarga Latina,” which opened the opportunity for him to take part in the off-Broadway show “Latin Madness”. In late 2002 Marcus worked as one of the “Copa Boys” for the world famous “Copacabana” and in 2003 he fulfilled his dancing goal of becoming a member of the “Eddie Torres Dance Company” for which he dance and toured around the world. He then joined several of his old dance partners from the ET dancers in a collaboration team called “Latin Soul Dancers” which he performed with all of 2007. Today he is also the dance instructor at his own MDN Latin Dance Studio in New Jersey.

Professional Dance Resume

1998-1999- Began classes On2 with Estilo Latino- Kenny Lopez

*    Foxes Night Club- 1998

1999- 10/00- Fuerza Latina Dance Company- Luis Zegarra

*      Sidestreet (NY) for the Mambo showdown 1999-2000
*      Channel 47 TV show – Danced “Son De Los Cueros”- 1999
*      Performance Showcase- Legendary CopaCabana Night Club, NY- 1999
*      Performance Showcase- Bernard Martinez social, On Ballroom on the 5th  -1999
*      New Years Party Entertainment Show/Workshops- Kutshers Hotel, Catskills, NY- 1999
*      Performance- Drama Night Club, Fairview, NJ- 1999-2000
*      Performance/Workshops, Local club- La Classique Night club- Toronto Canada- 2000
*      Puerto Rican Day Parade NY- Bustelo Coffee-2000
*      Dominican Day Parade NJ-Foxes Night Club Float- 2000
*      Performance Showcase- Fuerza Latina Dance Studio- 2000
*      Dancer for Victor Manuel  - Elizabeth, NJ- 2000
*      Bacardi Salsa Congress LA- 2000 (            
*      Bacardi Salsa Congress, Manhattan Center, NY-2000
*      Performance- Co-Op City, Bronx, NY- 2000
*      Duo performance- Marcus Nieves and Luis Zegarra- Jimmy Anton’s Social, NY-2001

11/01- 6/03 - Descarga Latina Dance- Nelson Flores

*      Latin Madness Showcase, Herksher Theatre, NYC- 2001-2002 (
*      Performance-Luis Zegarra’s Mambo Night, Sidestreet, NY –2001
*      Performance Showcase- Co-Op City, Bronx, NY- 2001
*      Performance Showcase - AT&T Building, NY- 2001
*      Danced for 103rd St Puerto Rican Festival, NY-2001
*      Bud Light Dancer- PA, NY- Summer 2001
*      Fania All-Stars Concert, Madison Square Garden- 2001
*      Hustle USA Dance Championships- Performance “Cuban Fantasy”- 2002
*      Performance Showcase, Bryant Park, NY- Promotion for Latin  Madness-2002
*      Performance Showcase, Los Angeles, California for West Coast Salsa Congress
*      Latin Madness Dance Musical-2003, Los Angeles, California for West Coast Salsa Congress

12-2001- Marcus-N-Lily (Liliana Vasquez) Couple Debut

*      Debut Performance- Luis Zegarra’s Mambo Night Christmas Party-2001
*      Performance-Bernard Martinez Social, Ballroom on the 5th –2002 (
*      Performance- Salsa Fever with Mario B., NJ – 1/27/02 (  
*      Previewed in ( as Marcus-N-Lily 2002

6/03-10/06 - Eddie Torres Dance Company

*      Official Debut performance East Coast Salsa Congress (Palante)-8/03
*      Dance Showcase for Bronx Community, Marcus and Melissa Rosado (Couple)
*      Performance for Ralph Mercado’s Birthday at Le Q’s -9/03
*      Larry Harlow Concert, featured as an Eddie Torres dancer-solo-10/03
*      Ole Cuba Performance, Eddie Torres Dancers, Manhattan Center, New York, NY- 11/22 (

*      Dance Showcase-Private Party, Long Island, NY 11/03

  • MDN LATIN DANCE STUDIO  Established - December 2003

*      London Salsa Congress-Dance Showcase & Workshops,” Firework”, London, England- 4/04

*      Puerto Rico Salsa Congress-2004, San Juan, Puerto Rico
*      West Coast Salsa Congress-2004, Los Angeles, CA
*      London Congress-Dance Showcase & Workshops,” Salseros Unidos” “Sambia”, London, England- 4/06
*      Zurich Salsa Congress  -2006
*      Orlando Salsa Congress- Dance Showcase, “Sambia” “ Just Like Magic”- 7/06
*      Lehman College- Dance Showcase- “ Sambia” “Salseros Unidos”- 5/06
*      Caliente Tonight Salsa Experience, “ Palante” Newark Symphony Hall, Newark, NJ- 11/06

10/06-10-07  Latin Soul Dancers - Adolfo Indacochea

*      NY Salsa Congress 2007 - Marcus Nieves & Kimberly Rivera
*      Havana Mambo Performance - MDN & Kimberly Rivera
*      Houston Salsa Congress - MDN & K. Rivera

*       Awarded Certification as the FIRST/ONLY New Jersey CERTIFIED EDDIE TORRES INSTRUCTOR - Signed by Eddie Torres - 12/13/2008

09/2009  Latin Soul Dancers - Adolfo Indacochea

* NY Salsa Congress 2009 - Marcus Nieves & Diana Osorio

03/26/10 - 03/27/10

*Marcus Nieves & Diana Osorio Debut, "Cojepalacola"- MDN Salsa Social
* Performance Showcase - Santo Rico Salsa Social

04/22/10 -06/22/10

* First New Jersey International Salsa Congress 2010 - Performance Showcase
* New Jersey International Salsa Congress Post-Event Party- Mambo Tuesday 46 Lounge - Performance Showcase

* Fiesta Caliente State Fair Independence Day Out Door Music Festival -7/4/10

8/26/10- 8/29/10 - Performances

*Club Cache 
*NY Salsa Congress Launch Party- Mambo Fateegz
*Mambo Showdown Pre-NY Congress Party- Stepping Out Studios

09/2010- 10/15/10 - Performances

* Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration / Awarded by U.S. Attorney's Office - Newark, NJ
* Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration- City Hall, Newark NJ

* Performance at The Montecarlo Room- Vittico La Magia - 9/23/10

* Despedida Del Verano- Performed for "El Conjunto Classico"- Newark, NJ - 9/26/2010

* Performance at Karisma Salsa Social- Victor Karisma - 12/4/10

* Performance Nueva Vida Salsa Social-Vera Rowe- North Chelmsford, MA - 1/5/2011

* Club Ole- Victor Manuelle Concert- Performed for "En Clave" - 2/12/2011

* Launch of New 2011 Website - 2/22/2011

* Marcus Nieves & Diana Osorio Performance @ Sekou MicMillers " The Red Carpet Affair" NYC - 2/25/2011

* Marcus Nieves & Diana Osorio Performance @ Salsa Meets Fashion - 2/26/2011

Marcus Nieves & Liliana Vasquez

*      1st Place Winners Drama Night Club Dance Contest, NJ- 1999
*      2nd Place Winners in Regional Marlboro Salsa/Dance Contest, NY-2000-


Marcus Nieves & Diana Osorio

*     1st Place Qualification Round for World Latin Dance Cup in Club Cache- 11/11/10
*     Competed in the New York Salsa Congress On2 Division - Sept 2010
*     1st  Couple from NJ to qualify for the World Latin Dance Cup On2 Semi Finals 12/17/10
*     3rd Place winner of New York International Salsa Congress On2 Division- Sept 2011

*     4th Place in the World Latin Dance Cup 2011 On2 Division - Dec 2011

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