Tuesday, April, 3rd, 2018 @ 7PM 

Students Corner

Our next Beginner cycle will start Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 @ 7PM. These will be the following dates for 2018 calendar year, please remember each cycle is 3 months course.

Tuesday 1/2/2018 @ 7PM

Tuesday 4/3/2018 @ 7PM

Tuesday 7/3/2018 @ 7PM

Tuesday 10/2/2018 @ 7PM

 A Class Syllabus will be handed out to participating students for each class. You should also know that the Beginner Classes (or all levels) are structured as a three-month-course to allow those students sufficient time to master the curriculum before moving into the Advance Beginner Class( or any level).

All students are encouraged to practice to retain the material taught to them during the cycle. It is important to note that perfect attendance does not guarantee your advancement to the next level, beginner students will be required to retain and know your material and will be subject to brief evaluation to ensure they have the proper knowledge to participate in the advanced beginner cycle.

We do this to ensure that the next level students are being considered so they are not being held back or slowed down. This way we can ensure a smooth level integration and guarantee united growth in our classes. If at any moment a beginner student didn't have enough time to master the beginner cycle (due to attendance irregularity, work schedule conflicts or family emergencies) they will be politely asked to repeat the beginner cycle or discuss other means of advancement.

If any new student started after the cycle start date you will be assigned to an assistant instructor to help you catch up to what you have missed so far in the cycle. Note: We do not accept any new walk in beginner students the last two weeks of any beginner cycle, you will be asked to start class the first day of the following beginner cycle.
Please keep in mind that Partner Work is only possible when there are sufficient couples to participate. While we generally have sufficient couples for partner work, please be advised that a class may be dedicated strictly to shines when there is a shortage of women or men.
Leave any stress, attitudes at work, at home or check it at the door, because these classes are designed to provide a great workout and a mental challenge. You should dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes and clothing because "we're going to make you work and sweat" and you're "going to like it." 

Ladies your shoes should have a smooth sole, a heel, or dance sneakers and they should be comfortable. If you decide to wear heels, you may want to consider shoes with ankle straps for added support.

Gentlemen your shoes should also have a smooth sole,   or dance sneakers and they should be comfortable.

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